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The capabilities of the BunQ account

  • Initiate immediate payments
  • Bunq puts your cash into funding
  • Get speedy and easily paid
  • worldwide transfers
  • budgeting functions and simple bill-splitting abilities
  • Round up transactions
  • Block or permit your card using the utility
  • one card for 2 debts
  • Share your sub-accounts with your loved ones and own family.
  • Contactless payments
  • Voice-controlled banking
  • Cards that may be used as disposable virtual
  • Earn the interest for all of your sub-bills


What we offer

  • Email and password for login
  • Other login information.
  • Recovery statistics.
  • New and new account
  • 100% Verified account
  • 24/7 customer service



Buy Verified BunQ Accounts

Hey!! Are you trying to purchase BunQ bills? You are in the proper spot. We offer safe and secure debts for our clients. All money owed is actual. Therefore, you buy an active BunQ Account thru us. We provide a big selection of the pinnacle BunQ Account on the market.

What precisely is a BunQ account?

It’s simple,  is a banking software that permits you to have the whole manipulation of your finances through your phone. It is not important to take a million steps after which to wait in a financial institution’s queue for hours. This easy app lets you transfer your budget, pay bills, card orders, and plenty of extras. Therefore, you should purchase Bunq debts now to enjoy all of those options.

Buy Verified BunQ Accounts

About Features

1. Payment Sorter

It’s now not surprising that this Payment Sorter changed into selected as their pinnacle characteristic via a handful of them. What’s the incentive at the back of this? “It’s nearly as if it saves me a ride.”

The Payment Sorter makes certain that each one of your payments coming in along with your wages are robotically taken care of in step with the order that you set. It’s as easy as doing it as soon as, and after that, you don’t must reflect on consideration on it ever again. If you change your objectives it’s miles nonetheless feasible to alter your plans.

2. Travel assistant

While all of us long for the unhurried tour, we bear in mind the only feature we cherished that helped us discover interesting and new locations.

The Travel Assistant assists you with facts gleaned from the bunq community. Do you need to know how you could earn money for free with the bunq credit card? Check out this Travel Assistant. Are you interested in understanding whether tipping is required inside the USA that you’re visiting? Find the solution there.

3. Bunq. Me

This has been cited so often that it’s clear that bunkers like being paid rapidly.

Bunq.I am

your unique non-stop connection. You can percentage it with anybody and obtain a price as a present in going back for something. Choose a memorable name for your financial institution account. Choose the account from which you’d want to obtain the cash after which start sharing!

4. Zero Fx

While getting useful journey recommendations is remarkable, however, saving money every second of it is greater beneficial! Zero FX is an exceptional technique to make sure you’ll have extra money spent on matters which you love. In Dubrovnik revel in a colder beer, bask in greater delicious food in Prague, and indulge in masses of cheese whilst you are in Zurich!

It can prevent 3 percent on all your purchases made abroad, by not charging additional expenses while you use the credit score card for non-Euro purchases. This is the handiest benefit to it!

five. Auto slice

If you’re out with pals, forget about approximately the confusion approximately tracking who was paid who and for what. Auto Slice looks after this so that you can sit down again and enjoy the time you’ve got along with your buddies.

Include all of your fees within the Slice Group so that you can keep track of the entirety. When you’re prepared to settle the bill the most effective issue you need to do is one tap! Your friends will get hold of a direct message to repay you their percentage.

Buy Verified BunQ Accounts


Bunq account Fees (uncovered)

Bunq additionally costs other fees similar to their month-to-month subscription. These fees rely upon the plan. The excellent issue is that their pricing structure is quite straightforward and we’ve made it even simpler with the aid of presenting this.

Here’s what you must know about it.

Subscription charges

  • Monthly fees in line with monthly Personal Premium debts are EUR7.Ninety-nine.
  • The month-to-month fee of a Joint account is EUR9.Ninety-nine. Joint Account is EUR9.Ninety-nine.
  • The Business account price of EUR9.99 is consistent with the month.

Card costs

  • The fee of debit cards, as well as tour credit score playing cards, costs EUR9.00 every 12 months.
  • The cost for the annual Green Card is EUR99.00.
  • It is absolutely free to make payments with the use of a euros-based total credit score card.
  • Cash withdrawals in overseas currencies and the use of a debit card will cost EUR0.Ninety-nine for each withdrawal.
  • Cash withdrawals in foreign currencies or euros using a credit score card will price EUR0.Ninety-nine each time you withdraw.
  • It is the MasterCard Exchange Rate is utilized for global payments.

Costs to ship and receive cash

  • For Joint and Premium users, the potential to send and acquire euros via the SEPA community is simply loose. Customers with a business account are required to be charged an additional EUR0.10 for each transaction.
  • TransferWise has prices charged with the aid of TransferWise to international fund transfers for Joint and Premium account holders. Customers with a business account ought to contribute an extra EUR0.10 to cover these transactions.
  • Based on the number of transactions the bank is capable of being given, cash that is not a part of the SEPA community ought to cost between EUR5 and EUR20.

Additional charges

  • After the deposit restriction is set at $100, 1.5 percent of the balance of the deposit is to be paid.
  • Charges will be implemented to additional sub-accounts, cards, or sub-money owed.
  • Bunq additionally has a “safe keeping” fee for excessive-stability accounts to cover the price of maintaining the patron’s finances secure with Bunq. European Central Bank (ECB fees Bunq interest on your money).

Buy Verified BunQ Accounts

How Safe is Bunq’s account?

Bunq account is an authorized European bank and is protected by way of The Dutch Guarantee for Deposits. Guarantee (up to one hundred,000 EUR on all accounts).

Bunq account has additionally carried out sophisticated safety features to defend your statistics and cash, for example, two-element authentication. They additionally advocate paying near interest to the activities of your account and reporting any anomalies to the Bunq account right away.

Account Overview

The account summary will display whilst you tap at the account’s name inside the analysis of the Bunq account within the overview or the second tab placed at the decrease right of the application. The description of your account is simple however it’s miles properly designed. Three extra alternatives which are important are close to the bottom of the display screen. Searches for depreciation, scheduled bills, and everyday fee options are all there.

It’s important to don’t forget that direct debits will best be processed once you’ve given specific authorization inside the Bunq account software. Direct debits which can be new could now not be debited right now. In addition, with the aid of clicking on the direct debits tab, you will be able to understand extra about the date in addition to the time and date for the day that the debiting or crediting procedure changed into executed.

In this Bunq account overview, we discover the various satisfactory factors of the app Bunq account is the capacity to send real-time notifications whilst something has been debited or credited out of your bills. This gives a guarantee that should there be trouble you then’ll be notified quickly similar to a precise photo of your everyday costs and profits.

Account Types at Bunq

Bunq’s pricing shape can be hard to realize, thinking about that the application gives a whole lot of plans for debit cards as well as financial institution bills. However, you can get a debit card totally free on the occasion that you join up to consider one of its bank bills.

Here’s what a Bunq account will cost you:

Premium Account Monthly fee: EUR7.Ninety-nine The Premium Account offers you a completely-fledged Euro financial institution account, as well as the debit card of your preference.

Business Account Monthly Fee: EUR9.Ninety-nine If you’re a wanderer in the virtual age bunq’s business account could be useful. You’ll be capable of getting extraordinarily aggressive foreign transfers together with various gear for enterprise help. Invoice scanning and receipt scanning and VAT calculation for automated are all covered in this.

Buy Active Bunq Account

Bunq account is a banking challenger app that seeks to offer an opportunity to conventional banks. Bunq account is a mobile banking software that allows you to perform numerous regular transactions, just like different banking apps for cell. It lets you switch and withdraw money from your account. This can be accomplished along with your cellphone.

Bunq account additionally comes with a full-featured debit card alongside an initiative for a social obligation which plants a tree for every EUR100 spent. Bunq account may be used to purchase services or products online and in person, if you personal a MasterCard card. Additionally, you can take coins from an ATM.

So, purchase a BunQ enterprise account from us as we provide the maximum dependable bunq accounts to sell.

Buy Verified BunQ Accounts

Final concept


The Bunq account is a fantastically-featured account with advanced functions. It gives a huge variety of features available to customers. It is also secure and strong, thanks to several packages to shield buyers. A Bunq account is an exquisite option to start with for people who want to exchange crypto cash. So don’t put off buying a Bunq account now with us. We have the most dependable Bunq account available for sale. So hurry as much as purchase a Bunq account. We eagerly look ahead to your order each time.

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